Alaska Episode Extra: How to Make a Duck Fart. Seriously. (VIDEO)

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So, first thing’s first. From what we’ve been told by a number of long-time Alaskans: theres only one standard, and only one acceptable answer to the oft-asked question, “How do you make a duck fart?”

You squeeze it, of course. 🙂

Yep yep. Funny stuff.

But that’s evidently where the lightheartedness ends, and where Alaskans get real serious about their Duck Farts. It’s the national drink of Alaska, after all. A state treasure. A point of pride as much as it is (when properly poured) a work of art. As one writer so neatly put it, the Duck Fart is to Alaska, just as the Mai-Tai is to Hawaii, or the Margarita is to Mexico. So yeah. Laugh all you want. But the Duck Fart is a serious business up here in the last frontier.

A Perfect Alaskan Duck Fart
A Perfect Alaskan Duck Fart

So we figured it’d be a fine time to share with you what we learned about the Duck Fart while in Juneau – and more importantly, how to make one of these Alaskan beauties. Just in case you want to try and give ‘er a shot and impress your friends.

The ingredients are simple: Kahlua, Bailey’s and Crown Royal. But actually pouring a proper Duck Fart is anything but simple. There’s a craft and a technique to it that requires patience, skill and probably a lot of luck. So check out the video above, and our interview with Jamie, a bartender at Juneau’s famed Red Dog Saloon, who’ll take you through the steps of making the perfect Duck Fart.

Cheers! And as always, please enjoy responsibly.

Oh! And for more groovy extras from our adventure in Alaska, check out the episode page here!

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  1. This is me!!! I wondered if anything ever became of this!!

    • JAMIE! Hey girl! So good to hear from you! So sorry we haven’t already sent this to you! It’s been a CRAZY, CRAZY year girl. The TV show has gone national and we’re super pumped about that! In fact, we premiered in Alaska on May 7th. The Alaska episode will air on Alaska Public Media on May 28th at 8:30 am and 5:30 pm. So surprise! You’re a TV star! And we’ve got LOTS of folks hooked on duck farts thanks to you!! 😉 Hope you can tune in and be sure to let us know what you think! Are you still working at the Red Dog? Cheers Jamie!

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