VIDEO: Bad Fashion, Big Fun and Amazing Sights Kayaking in Alaska

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Despite the many adventures and incredible experiences we’re lucky to enjoy around the world, we’d still never describe ourselves as “active” types. At least not the “active” types that really get into聽things like running, hiking, rock climbing, mountain biking, stuff like that. That’s not to say we won’t do those types of things – and not to say we won’t enjoy them to a certain extent – but the simple fact is, we like Mexican food and cold beer waaaay too much to ever fit in with the Red Bull crowd. So if you invite us to go mountain biking, for example, we’ll certainly come along… just don’t get upset when we quit halfway through and head for the nearest pub.

One outdoor activity we really enjoy, however, is kayaking. We’ve been fortunate to have聽done some kayaking聽in a lot of really great places around the US and the world, and it’s one of those things for which we’ll happily set aside our tacos al pastor and Modelo Especial for a few hours to get out and actually do.

But because we’d never been to Alaska before, we’d obviously never had the chance to kayak in Alaska before. So we were super stoked to find out that you can pretty much kayak to your heart’s desire while traveling Alaska’s Inside Passage on the UnCruise Safari Endeavour. And not only that, the ship (as you’ll see) is specially outfitted for people just like us… people who want to get out and kayak, but people who don’t want to really put a heckuva whole lot of effort into it. Giddyup.

So put on your life vest, get settled in for the ride, and enjoy the sights from our first-ever day kayaking in Alaska – which turned out to be just one of many spectacular聽days on this wicked cool Adventure Life adventure.

Cheers gang! And happy travels. 馃檪

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  1. Very brave people.

  2. Elisabeth Halbach

    It’s a tough job being so Awesome & TwoForTheRoad does it consistently!

  3. hey Dusty, hope you’re doing well. I will try say prayers for you guys so that you will have safe travels wherever you go!!! Tear it up

    • Hey Mike! Thanks a bunch! We’re having fun and living it up as long as we can. 馃檪 Great to hear from you! Hope you guys are all doing well!

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