Episode Extra: Galapagos Penguins, Iguanas and Sharks (VIDEO)

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Most anybody who travels will tell you the first full day of any new adventure is always an exciting affair. You’re in a new place, after all. In a new environment. Surrounded by new people. Immersed in a totally new experience. There’s this crazy feeling you get that might best be described as a mixture of adrenaline and joy and fear and anxiety. And, fairly or not, a lot of times the first full day of a new adventure can really set the tone for the rest of the trip. Sometimes you get a really good feeling, and other times you find yourself reaching deep inside yourself for a positive thought to cling to.

We had kind of a crazy day when we arrived to the Galapagos and to be honest we weren’t really sure – after some of that madness we encountered at the airport – how this whole thing was gonna go. Would this Galapagos experience be everything we dreamed it would be? Or would it turn into a long, frustrating, over-hyped, over-crowded mess of a disappointment? It was kind of tough to tell after the first little bit honestly.

And as you’ll see this week, the first full day of our actual cruise around the islands also included its share of crazy moments… but the crazy cool kind. The kind that gave us the distinct impression that yes, indeed – this is gonna turn out to be one hell of a great trip. Penguins? Check? Marine iguanas? Check. Sharks? Check! So come with us as our Adventure Life journey through the Galapagos really begins to pick up steam. And stay with us – it’s gonna be a helluva ride from here!

Cheers gang! And happy travels. 🙂

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  1. Your Adventures Make My Morning Coffee So Exciting! I can’t wait for next weeks video!!

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