VIDEO: Galapagos: Walking with Dinosaurs on Fernandina Island

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They say the youngest member of the family – any family – is often times the wildest of the bunch. The rebel. The hellion. They love being the center of attention, they’re often proud and independent, and they tend to display a general disregard for the rules. Sound right?

And that’s arguably true for the family of islands that make up the Galapagos.

Galapagos Marine Iguanas on Fernandina Island
Galapagos Marine Iguanas on Fernandina

Certainly the Galapagos Islands as a whole collectively make up one of the the most unique and fascinating places on planet earth. And within this giant family of 18 main islands and a hundred or so rocky islets, each of the islands has its own distinct personality, if you will, just like the members of any family would. But of the entire bunch, wild and beautiful Fernandina Island is an exceptionally special place. At just under one million years old, Fernandina is very much the baby of the Galapagos family. And like all babies, it is precious, it is beautiful, it is temperamental, and it is growing up – and growing in size – relatively quickly. And if it’s true that there’s a special kind of wild beauty to be found in youth, Fernandina is it’s poster child.

Our guide Galo warned us before we loaded into the Zodiacs for our day trip to Fernandina, that we’d better be sure to bring plenty of cards for our cameras. And it wasn’t necessarily what he said to us, it was how he said it. His tone was deadly serious, as if we’d be making a grave mistake if we chose not to heed his warning. Which was really kind of crazy, we thought, because we’d already visited a couple of islands by this point in the trip, and in the matter of just a few days we’d already taken an absolutely stupid, stupid amount of photos and videos.

But as you’ll see in this week’s episode, it didn’t take long at all once we arrived on Fernandina to realize exactly why he was so serious. Never, in all of our travels, have we been to a place that felt so much like stepping back into the time of the dinosaurs – back to a time when fantastical creatures roamed the land and human beings weren’t even a thought on Mother Nature’s to-do list. Crazy.

So come along on our latest Adventure Life adventure as we hop in the Zodiac and travel to this incredible place. And watch where you step!

Cheers gang! And happy travels. 🙂

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