VIDEO: Kayaking Among Icebergs in Chile’s Torres del Paine Park

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Call us gluttons for punishment.

As we’ve mentioned many, many times in the past… we’re not much into health and fitness, really. We do try our best to stay in at least passable physical condition and we do really enjoy getting out and doing stuff and staying active. But generally speaking, our deep-seeded love for good, greasy food and cold, cold beer will never allow us to join the cut-and-chiseled ranks of the “fit and healthy” crowd. That just ain’t us. Never will be. And you know what? We’re totally cool with that.

But as many of y’all know, traveling can be a tough, tough gig when it comes to trying to eat even somewhat healthy and stay somewhat in shape. When you’re constantly moving from place to place and you’re in a hurry and you just need something quick and cheap to eat, it’s just way too easy to drop into a fast food joint and stuff yourself with a bunch of processed garbage. Which we do. A lot. Fortunately for us though, our travels also tend to include more than our fair share of heart-pumping adventures and sweat-inducing activities that at least kind of help counteract our greasy-food-and-cold-beer-loving lifestyle. And that’s especially true of our stay here at the very, very cool EcoCamp Patagonia in southern Chile.

One of the many groovy packages you can choose from at EcoCamp is called the “Epic Patagonia Multi-Sport package.” Which, to be perfectly honest, we probably never would have chosen on our own… just because it involves way, way, way more physical activity than we’re used to. It’s six action-packed days and five nights of hiking, biking, horseback riding, kayaking and more, through one of the most incredible places on the planet. Sounds awesome right? It most definitely is! But truthfully we were afraid all that epic physical activity might damn near kill us both.

Last week’s biking adventure through Torres del Paine is a great example. If you saw that video, you saw us riding our bikes across Patagonia and enjoying the incredible scenery and smiling and having an awesome time (which we did). What you didn’t see was us quitting the bike ride halfway through and riding the rest of the way in the van, because… well… we suck. And we just couldn’t hack the entire ride in our marginally-healthy physical condition.

But our friends at Adventure Life – who are some of our biggest cheerleaders – are always gently pushing us to do a little bit more than we’re comfortable doing. And that’s one of the many, many reasons we love ’em. They’re the ones who convinced us that we could not only survive the “Epic Patagonia Multi-Sport” package, but that it was simply too cool an opportunity to pass up. And they were absolutely right.

So come along on the next leg of our big adventure at EcoCamp, as we hit the water in search of icebergs, and enjoy a close encounter with one of the most spectacular glaciers in all of Patagonia! And see for yourself why the “epic” package certainly lives up to its name.

Cheers y’all. And happy travels!

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