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Few places in the world bring to mind visions of dramatic landscapes and incredible adventure like Patagonia. Heck, the word itself is practically synonymous with the word “adventure”. And chances are you’ve heard the word Patagonia before – it’s that giant, wild and untamed region in the south of South America that covers millions of square kilometers across both Argentina and Chile. And it’s legendary. World renowned for its incredibly diverse and dramatic landscapes that have beckoned adventurers, thrill-seekers and nature lovers for hundreds of years.

In this day and age, however, it seems many folks are still completely unaware of this fact, and think Patagonia is solely the brand of a well-known outdoor clothing company. Case in point? Here’s a fine example we spotted on Twitter in recent days:

Patagonia Tweet


Yes. Patagonia sells super cute jackets. And it’s certainly a fine company, involved in many terrific environmental causes around the world. And when they set out to choose a name for the company back when it was founded in 1973, they no doubt chose “Patagonia” in order to associate their brand with the rugged and spectacular region that, as we mentioned, immediately brings to mind thoughts of epic adventure. (Good call on their part, too.)

Cerro Fitz Roy (Courtesy Photo)
Cerro Fitz Roy (Courtesy Photo)

In fact, the mountain on Patagonia’s logo is actually based on Cerro Fitz Roy, one of Patagonia’s most striking and famous mountain peaks.

In reality, the word “Patagonia” is actually derived from the Spanish word patagon, which was used by the crew of famed explorer Ferdinand Magellan to describe the native peoples they encountered in the region during his expedition there back in the 16th century. The Patagones were a mythical race of giant people, purported to be 12 to 15 feet tall! And after Magellan’s expedition, reports of encounters with these giant natives in the south of South America actually appear several times in the wild accounts of explorers over the next few hundred years. They all turned out to be false, of course. There’s no race of giant humans living in Patagonia unfortunately, though it was later confirmed that many inhabitants were, in fact, pretty tall (up to 6’6″) and certainly taller than most Europeans at the time (generally speaking).

And yes! It is to this spectacular land of legend and lore that we’re traveling for our next series of epic Adventure Life adventures! Starting, as you’ll see in this episode, in the Argentine city of El Calafate, which many consider to be the gateway to southern Patagonia. It promises to be an incredible ride.

And you know what? It’s kinda funny. In our many travels, some of our favorite places of all are the places that remind us of home in one way or another. And believe it or not, much of Patagonia – and especially the area around Calafate – is strikingly similar in many ways to parts of West Texas and Eastern New Mexico. And not just because of its wide-open spaces, but because of the region’s rich history. The pioneer spirit of its people. The gauchos. And the list goes on. You Texas folks check out the video and see if you can see those similarities too. Cool stuff, really.

So grab your bag, pack your socks and your shampoo, and join us as we kick off our latest adventure series in this spectacular part of the world!

Oh! And not to be complete jerks about it – but we will not share our Super Panchos with you. No, you can’t have a bite. Don’t even ask. You’ll have to order your own for yourself. But trust us… it’s so freakin’ worth it. You’ll thank us later. 🙂

Much more to come from Patagonia! So cheers y’all. And happy travels!

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  1. Heyho! 🙂 I’m from Austria and love the mountains. So Patagonia is one of my dream destinations. The mountains over there just look stunning!!!

    • Howdy! Patagonia is just absolutely spectacular. Though being from Austria you know all about stunning landscapes. 🙂 You’ll love then entire region!

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