VIDEO: Kicking Off an Epic “UnCruise” Adventure in Wild Alaska

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Hey peeps! Welcome to our next big adventure!

So! After traveling to Antarctica, Ecuador and Tanzania we decided it’s probably time toĀ come back a little closer to home. šŸ™‚

Sure, we do a lot ofĀ overseas adventure travel – but we still absolutely love traveling hereĀ the U.S. and seeing and experiencing everything all of the incredible things that can be found right here in our own proverbial backyard. And through the years we’ve been fortunateĀ to see a lot of the good ol’ U-S-of-A.Ā In fact, to date we’ve managed to visit 46 of the 50 states! How cool is that?

But one state we’ve always wanted to visit – but never really figured we’d get the chance – is Alaska. The big guy. The last frontier. Growing up in the States you always hear how wild and beautiful and massive it is. But as big a state as it is, Alaska seemsĀ just so dang far away, especially when you live in Texas.

UnCruiseThen came a day a while back when our friends at Adventure Life introduced us to a very cool company called UnCruise, which specializes in small-ship adventure cruises not only in Alaska, but also Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, Mexico, Central America and the Galapagos. Emails were sent. Conversations were had. Forms were filled out. Agreements were made. And before we knew it, we were booked on an UnCruise ship called the Safari Endeavour, for an intimate adventure cruise through Alaska’s spectacular inside passage. Giddyup.

We were of course excited to be going to Alaska for the first time ever – and going on our first Alaskan cruise for that matter – but we were especially excited to find out what kind of Alaskan cruise it would be. Tens of thousands of people every year crowd into those massive floating-city cruise ships to experience the wonder and majesty of Alaska, and heck – chances are you might be one of them. We’ve always heard from folks who’d been how absolutely incredible it is. But our experience on the Safari Endeavour promised to be much, much different from your typical Alaskan cruise. Particularly because the ship only carries 80 or so passengers, and being a small ship it can go places and do things that the big ships simply can’t.

So here it is! The kickoff of our great Alaskan UnCruise adventure! So grab your cameras, pour yourself a duck fart, and get ready for the ride.

Much more to come guys! Happy travels!

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  1. Elisabeth

    Yahooooo! So excited to share more of your traveling adventures with ya all!

  2. Lorna Kaye Wade

    oh I would so love this cruise….and the Red Dog Saloons “Duck Farts” …. I’m going to make some …….Enjoy the cruise you guys….and can’t wait for the next video adventure on this cruise

    • You would love it Lorna! It’s such a great, small cruise so you really get to know your fellow passengers. And you get into some really cool spots the bigger ships can’t get to. Highly recommend!! Oh! And the duck farts too šŸ™‚

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