Episode Extra: Our Adventure at Halisi Camp in Tanzania (VIDEO)

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Yep. We’re campers.

We love, love, love to camp. To get outdoors. To wake up to the sounds of the birds聽and a fresh cup of campfire coffee in the morning. To explore the many wonders of nature by day. To sit by the campfire with a hot meal and a cold beer in the evening. And to sleep under a blanket of stars at night. Doesn’t get much better.

And though we’ve been lucky to stay at a couple of very groovy “tented camps” during our time here in Tanzania (check them out here and here), this week we’re really kicking the experience up a few notches, with a visit to a place called Halisi Camp, far from the lights and bustle of civilization on the shores of stunning Lake Natron. And just like any memorable camping trip, this one is full of some really incredible experiences, including a guided walk through the African bush and a sunset that we’ll remember as long as we live.

So check out the latest episode from our adventure in Tanzania, courtesy of our friends at Adventure Life, Tanzania Journeys and Tripfilms. And then get out there and enjoy nature!

Cheers y’all! Happy camping!

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  1. Deann Mancuso

    HAHA love the tooth brush!! Just amazing love love love watching the journey with yall!! knowing Nikki since she was a baby to know a grown woman doing what she loves just warms my heart! Thanks for sharing stay safe and looking forward to the next one!

    • Thanks Deeann! Yeah the tooth brushing thing was pretty wild. And I’m kind of fond of Nik myself. 馃檪 Thanks for following! We appreciate you!

  2. Elisabeth

    4 out of 5 Tanzania Dentists & 1 from Methuen !

    • LOL! So that means you guys are going to start handing out tree branches to your patients, right? 馃檪 hehehee

  3. Betty R.

    Nik & Dusty–You guys are my new couple crush!! We are fellow Texans (however much older than you two) and share your love of travel. I love watching your adventures because it brings back many memories of cool places we’ve been: Antarctica, Machu Picchu, 3 trips to Africa. I love your humor and fun outlook on all the places you go. I look forward every week to your new video blog! Love you guys!!

    • Awwww thanks Betty! That’s awesome! We so appreciate you following. 馃檪 Any more big adventures planned for you guys?

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