Episode Extra: Our First Sighting of an Alaskan Grizzly! (VIDEO)

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One of the many, many very cool things about taking a small ship cruise through Alaska’s Inside Passage is the fact that you can sometimes “sneak up” on some incredible wildlife, without ever leaving the ship.

And this is a great example! So we’re cruising along one quiet morning on our ship, the Safari Endeavour (an UnCruise ship) when someone spots a massive grizzly bear lounging on the shoreline a couple hundred yards away. So naturally we grabbed our cameras and started shooting!

So check it out! And apologies for the shaky-at-times footage – we were shooting long distance from a boat, after all – and the quiet voices, since we didn’t want to scare the big guy away. But it’s our first-ever encounter with a grizzly bear in the wild (or at least our first “sighting” in the wild), and a moment we’ll never forget! (And thanks to our awesome guide, Teresa “Tennessee” Whipple, for the terrific narration!)

Cheers y’all! Have a “beary” good day! 🙂

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