VIDEO: Our Incredible Day on Safari in the Legendary Serengeti

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We’ve been so fortunate in these last few years to have been able to travel to some incredible places around the world and to have experienced a number of really, really incredible things. But there are a few experiences in particular that are just so incredible – so thrilling and memorable – that we place them in an exclusive category all their own. They’re the best of the best. The experiences that make it easy for us to answer the most common question we get from people: “Of all the things you’ve been able to do, which have been your absolute favorite?”

Setting foot on Antarctica is certainly one of them. Our day traveling deep into the wilds of the Amazon rainforest is another. And we’re very quick and very happy to include this day – and this episode – on that exclusive list as well.

It’s true – we had always dreamed about going on an epic safari in Africa, but like most folks never really, actually believed that we’d ever get to do it. So to have visited Africa at all, and to have experienced the many wonders of beautiful Tanzania was quite literally a dream come true for us. And we were sure to soak up every minute of it! But in our minds, every day and every moment over the course of our adventure in Tanzania was leading up to this: our day in the legendary Serengeti National Park. And yes, by now you can safely assume that it surpassed every single one of our expectations.

Cecil the lion.
Cecil the lion.

There’s been a lot in the news lately about the killing of Cecil the lion by an American trophy hunter in Zimbabwe – and we’ll save our comments on that for a later post – but every time it’s mentioned in the news, it’s absolutely impossible for us not to think of this day – our day in the Serengeti. How unbelievably thrilling it was. How beautiful and majestic these animals are. How close we were able to get to them! And how we cannot possibly understand why anyone would want to kill something as magnificent as a lion, or a rhino, or an elephant, just for the sake of sticking its lifeless head on a wall back home for a conversation piece. We just… we just can’t begin to wrap our brains around that.

So here it is! Our epic day on safari in Tanzania’s legendary Serengeti, courtesy of our friends at Adventure Life, Tanzania Journeys and Tripfilms. We hope you enjoy. We hope you’re inspired. And we hope that through our lens you’ll be able to experience even a fraction of the wonder we experienced being among these animals.

Cheers y’all!

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  1. How amazing! Elephants, a leopard, lions. and hordes of wildebeest migrating! A super video :-). Well-done you two! We have very fond memories of our two African safaris – in South Africa, and then in Zambia. We even saw lions hunt an impala. They were lightening-fast, so we didn’t see the actual kill, but saw them moments later feasting on the poor dead creature. We found it almost surreal that lions (and other wild African animals) would allow us to get so close to them in our safari vehicle.

    • Such an incredible experience for sure! One we’ll always remember and cherish. There’s just nothing quite like being right in the thick of all of the magnificent creatures and witnessing them in their natural habitat. Just a spectacular thing really. So glad you were able to experience it not only once, but twice. 🙂

  2. Great episode guys! Like the post from Sand in My Suitcase, it brings back so many great memories of our 3 trips to Africa–1 to Botswana and 2 more to Tanzania and Kenya. There is something about seeing the magnificent animals that touches something deep inside, and makes you want to go again and again. You never know what you’ll see around the next bend, and the animals are literally breathtaking. I have been so saddened this past week with all the attention on the obscene practice of trophy hunting. I fear this will all be gone before our granddaughters get to see it. Eagerly awaiting your next post!

    • Thanks so much for your comment! Three trips to Africa? That’s incredible! It touches your heart doesn’t it? It’s just such an incredible experience to witness the animals in their natural habitat. The latest news saddens us deeply. It’s just something we can’t understand. 🙁 Thanks for following along. We so appreciate it!

  3. Majhura fikiri


  4. It’s like I’m right there with you two!!! Such an incredible experience and to have been able to see some of the great wildebeest migration!? Awesome! We’re looking forward to your comments on Cecil.

    • It was UNREAL Carolann! We couldn’t believe it. You just can not capture it. Really! It goes on for miles and miles and miles…. Such an incredible experience! We hope you guys get to experience it one day soon too!!

  5. The “Cats” are so amazingly gorgeous!
    Priceless Images!!

  6. Wow – pretty incredible! A safari is definitely on our bucket list. Not sure if I could last all day in a truck without going to the bathroom though LOL. I hope you got to stop at some point.

    Stumbled into your site via a link on the Liberty Clipper ship web site and I’m enjoying your travel adventures. Have fun! We’re the traveling bunch from our families.

    • Thanks so much! Glad to have you guys along for the ride! 🙂 And yes… a safari is a MUST DO. Definitely one of the most incredible experiences of our lives. Cheers and safe travels!

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