VIDEO: Our Layover in Kunming, China. And Look! A Dairy Queen!

Hey gang! So we hope you’re enjoying our adventure through China! Which was, indeed, quite the adventure. Let us tell you!

So much so, in fact, there’s a ton of interesting stuff we shot during our month-long trip across the country that we didn’t have time for in either episode. And here’s a prime example! It’s “rough but real” footage from our extended layover in the city of Kunming, China, where we stayed… well, not even a whole night… like ten hours… before we had to hop back on a plane and head for the city of Dali the next morning.

But our short time in Kunming was very cool! We explored the market, had our first-ever Chinese hot pot, and even spotted a Chinese Dairy Queen! (Which as it turns out, they’re all over China. But hey, still pretty cool.) And of course we took our cameras along. 🙂 So check it out! Hope y’all enjoy this fascinating little peek into Chinese city life!

Cheers y’all! And as always, safe and happy travels!

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