VIDEO: Snorkeling in the Galapagos with Penguins… and Sharks!

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As we mentioned at the beginning of last week’s very cool episode, every day here in the Galapagos is absolutely jam-packed with adventure. Unlike most any other cruise you might imagine (or, say, a Caribbean cruise you might have gone on yourself) a cruise through the Galapagos – at least the cruise we chose through the islands – isn’t exactly a leisurely affair. There are no soul-soothing sunrise yoga classes in the morning. There’s no hanging out by the pool while someone brings you fruity frozen tropical drinks all afternoon. And there’s no kicking back to watch a Vegas-like show in the theater at night. There’s only epic, on-the-go, relentlessly exciting  adventure. Exactly the way it oughta be.

Our days in the Galapagos started well before sunrise and didn’t finish – didn’t stop, actually – until well after sundown and our weary and adrenaline-infused bodies just couldn’t take any more. And we loved every single minute.

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Nik buddies up to a turtle in the waters off Isla Santiago.

A typical day on the Seaman Journey included at least one excursion on land and one excursion in the water. And actually, most days included two of each. You’d get up, have breakfast, go hiking, go snorkeling, come back on board for lunch, go back out for another hike, then another snorkel, come back on board for dinner and a briefing with the guide, unwind with a drink at the bar, and hit the sack. Sometimes the order would change. You’d snorkel and then go for a hike. But, yeah. There was little time for much of anything else.

So, having already shown you what our land excursions across the other-worldly landscapes of the Galapagos were like (and if you haven’t seen them, check out the Galapagos series from the beginning), this week we’re taking you underwater to explore the incredible world that exists down there, and up close – really, really close – to the rare and fascinating undersea creatures that call the Galapagos home.

Snorkeling alongside penguins? Check. Massive sea turtles? Check. Sharks? Check. And the list goes on.

So grab your fins. Put on your mask. Jump into the Zodiac. And come along with us for another incredible ride, thanks to our pals at Adventure Life!

Cheers y’all! And as always, happy travels.

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