Two for the Road Season Three is (Finally) Coming! Want to See It Where You Live? Then We Need Your Help!

[Posted July 16, 2019]

Hey gang! So at long, long, long last it’s finally almost here. Finally! We’re so excited to announce that Two for the Road season three will officially be available to public television (PBS) stations across the country beginning September 26th! And season three is absolutely epic, y’all. It’s coming together beautifully, and we can’t wait to share the many adventures and the many incredible stories we’ve been filming around the world for these last many months! There’s some really spectacular, inspiring and fascinating stuff in there.

But as always, in order to get the new season on the air where you live, we need your help! Very seriously. So here’s how it all works:

Want to See Two for the Road Where You Live? Contact Your Local PBS Station!

Yes! It’s true that our show will be available nationwide throughout the public television system on September 26th, but still it’s up to each individual station to decide whether they want to actually carry the program, and when. That built-in local flexibility is one of the many very cool things about the public television system, as it allows stations to choose programs they feel are best suited to their individual communities. But it makes it kinda tough for independent producers like us, and sometimes for viewers like you. It means that we have to contact and lobby each and every one of these stations and convince them to actually run the show. And with more than 300 stations in the system? Well, as you can imagine, that’s a mighty tough task for just the two of us. So we need a hand.

So here’s what you can do to help. And it would mean the world to us! Contact your local public television (PBS) station via email or through social media, and tell them you want to see Two for the Road season three in your market! (You can always certainly contact them by phone, but we’ve been told that the stations/programmers prefer email as a means of direct communication. Which we totally get.) Right about this time of year they begin making up their schedules for the fall. And yes, believe it or not, your voice means a great deal to your local PBS station. Each station exists to serve you, their viewers, and the communities in which they operate. In fact your voice carries so much more weight than ours! And they would absolutely appreciate hearing from you. Click here to find your local PBS station, and how to contact them!

Better still, give your voice even more weight and offer to become a sustaining member of your local public television station! The only reason we’re able to bring you our show is because of the public television system and the many, many good people who work so hard to bring you quality, community-focused television (like the folks at our presenting station, Panhandle PBS). And we’re so thankful and proud to be a part of the public television family! So we hope you’ll consider supporting your local station with an ongoing contribution.

So. When will the new season air on Create TV?

The other great thing about being a part of the public television family is the fact that once the new season completes its initial run on local PBS affiliates, it should begin its nationwide run on the Create channel. Which means that Two for the Road season three should be coming to Create just after the first of the year, although those details haven’t been worked out just yet. We’ll let you know as soon as we know something! And yes, in the meantime, it would also mean the world to us if you’d reach out to the folks at Create and let them know you enjoy our show! Hit them up on Facebook, and/or head to the Create TV website to learn more about the channel and all the terrific programs they offer. And put in a good word for us, if you don’t mind!

So, thanks in advance y’all. We always hate to have to ask for help from you guys, but after all these years and seasons it is still just the two of us doing all of this. All of it. And on a very, very small budget, we might add. So we don’t have the funds to hire a production crew, much less a marketing team or public relations firm to do this kind of thing for us. So we truly need your help! And we so very sincerely appreciate you! Thanks for all your help and love and support, and we sure hope your local station will jump on board for season three!

Be on the lookout for more news and updates over the next coming months! In fact, we’d love it if you signed up for our monthly newsletter and followed our page on Facebook, which we update regularly. It’s about to get pretty dang exciting around here, and we’d love to have you along for the ride. 🙂

Cheers gang! Much love and safe travels! More soon…

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