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[Updated April 2, 2020]

Hey guys! We are so very excited to announce that Two for the Road season three is now available anytime, from anywhere, for FREE, on some of today’s most popular platforms including Roku and Amazon Fire TV! So if you’re looking to escape with us on our adventures around the world, here’s how to find us:

On Television: Two for the Road Season Three is still playing over-the-air on local public television (PBS) stations from coast to coast! But dates and times vary from market to market. So be sure to check your local listings! And we still very much hope to be coming back to Create TV at some point as well, though we’re not sure yet if/when that’ll happen. Stay tuned and stay in touch, and as soon as we hear from them we’ll let you know!

On Amazon Fire TV and Roku: This is super cool! We now have our very own stand-alone app on both platforms that’ll give you easy, direct and absolutely FREE access to all our season three episodes! Whether you’re using Fire TV or Roku, just search for Two for the Road (you’ll probably need to type in the whole title) and you’ll find us! Install the app as you would any other, and enjoy our season three episodes in their entirety! Note: on Roku apps, the episodes may not show up in numerical order. So be sure to start with episode 301 and finish on episode 313!

Right Here on the Website: Yep! Our full season three episodes are available for free anytime right here on! CLICK HERE to see a listing of all the episodes on one page, or click on “Episodes & Extras” in the menu above to find season three episodes, as well as a bevy of cool episode extras, photos and videos from each show!

Questions? Issues? Suggestions? Please let us know! We want you to be able to see our shows as part of a free, convenient, hassle-free experience. So if you’re running into problems certainly feel free to give us a shout!

Thank you guys so much! We hope you’ll enjoy the episodes (and the episode extras) and we’re thrilled and honored to have you along as part of this journey. Y’all take care of yourselves and one another! Meantime we are still working hard on Two for the Road season four, and we can’t wait to get all the new episodes produced and out there. Stay tuned!

Love and hugs y’all! Be well!

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  1. Kathleen Copeland

    I’m home recovering from surgery and been flicking channels but just saw you yesterday on the Sacramento KVIE, though I’m about 3 hours north of there. Lucky me ~ I’m hooked now on your travels, I read up on your backstory and now I can’t wait ’till next Saturday @ 4:30. Congratulations on Season 2 already!

    • Hey Kathleen! Thank you SO much! We’re so glad that you’re along for the adventure! 馃檪 Cheers and all the best!

  2. Can’t wait to see you on Oregon Public Broadcasting. April 24th start date!!!

  3. carole kimbrough

    I want to watch Two for the Road but cannot find it in Houston—-When will you show it again

    • Hi Carole! Great to hear from you! I believe season one has already aired in Houston. They may run it again, we’ll keep you posted. We hope to have season two edited and ready in the next several months. In the meantime, you can watch the shows on our website under ‘Episodes and Extras’. Thanks so much for watching! We sure appreciate it!

  4. Love your show everything is so beautiful I’m watching you on KLRU Austin I hear you two are from the Lone star state. Is that true? If so where are y’all from? Keep up the great work, and be safe… I can’t wait to see your next show..

    • Hey Rob! That’s awesome! We ARE from the Lone Star State! We actually lived in Austin for a few years and out in Spicewood. We’ve been sort of homeless for a little bit, but now we’ve got a small ‘crash pad’ in North Texas outside of Clarendon (not here too much though). We were both born in Texas and have lived here most of our lives and probably always will. There’s just no place like Texas. Thanks so much for watching the show! And thanks for the kind words! We truly appreciate it!

      • That’s awesome, really is a small world. No pun intended heh. Spicewood is about 20 minutes from me, Marble Falls is where I live, been here almost 25 years but originally from Corpus. Again keep up the great work and stay safe…

  5. Tony Garrison

    Just wanted to say how much I’ve been enjoying your show. I think you’re great, fresh and natural and you really seem to be enjoying your adventures. I get the show via Create on SC ETV.

  6. where and when to watch in Lubbock please.

    • Hey! As of now, we’re not scheduled to air on KTTZ. But if you’ll call them and let them know you’d like to see Two for the Road, there’s a chance they’ll pick us up! Thanks so much!

  7. Lynn Fairbanks

    Hey Dusty and Nikki,
    Sure would love to see your show in Savannah! Hope all is well and you get down to Savannah sometime soon.

    • Hey Lynn! Great to hear from you! Looks like GPB is running the show now. The next episode airs on March 17th at 8:30 pm. Come visit the Greek Islands with us! Hope all is well with you! We sure would love to see ya and catch up sometime! Cheers!

  8. Thom King

    Just saw your first China episode. Loved your production values and upbeat attitudes. Plus the fact that you use a lot of the same gear I use on my own shorts and features here in Nashville. Gotta love the fuzzy kitty windshield on your shotgun mic. And soooooo great hearing “Southern” accents on travel shows…proving Notherners like Bourdain aren’t the only experts. If you ever come to Music City, I’d be thrilled to show you around some of the more obscure honky-tonks.

    • Oh! Thank you so much! Too cool we use a lot of the same gear. We know some of it is ‘out of date’ by most standards, but we feel like if it’s not broke – why fix it! 馃槈 We LOVE Nashville and hope to come back someday and film and episode. We’ll definitely hit you up when we do! Cheers!

  9. Dawn Wiser

    Your show is on in Washington state on Create. I’m not sure if the whole state is covered but I’m happy it airs in the middle of the state. Love the honesty you show in the trials of travel sometimes. The positive attitude you have is great and will inspire me when hitches come up in my future travels.

    • Thank you so much Dawn! Hope all is well in beautiful Washington. And thanks so much for watching. We so appreciate it! Cheers and hope you’ll continue to follow along. 馃檪

  10. Bonnie Adachi

    Awesome show! We enjoy the fresh human perspective your show brings as you travel the world. Thanks for sharing your adventures with us.
    The Adachi’s
    Elgin, Texas

  11. Hey there, love the show, love the story, and love that you鈥檙e Texan to the core. If I could offer one humble constructive criticism it would be for Nik to use your true relaxed voice during the narration. It seems your speaking voice in the casual shots it so pleasant and the narration is an octave higher and unnatural. I really do love the show and look forward to season 3. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey J! Thank you so much for reaching out and thank you for watching the show! And a big thank you for your kind, constructive criticism. You’re definitely not the first to offer this advice, but it sure is nice to hear it in such a kind way. So truly, I appreciate it. My background is definitely not in TV, so voice-over has been extremely difficult for me. It’s either terribly flat or terribly high – UGH! But I am working on it so please stick with us. I promise to do my best to make season three the season I finally hit the nail on the head! Thanks again for the kind words about the show! Cheers! ~Nik

  12. Terry Boylan

    Anxiously awaiting Season Three to show on OETA in Oklahoma. You guys are presenting the best travel show on tv. Love the hand-held and drone camera work. I鈥檓 guessing no off-screen producer setting up your shots. Very refreshing. Real people in real travel situations. By the way, did I hear Nikki鈥檚 distinctive voice in a tv commercial for a dentist in Durant, OK?

    • Hey Terry! Thank you very much for the kind words! It truly means a lot to us! And we certainly appreciate you watching the show! You are exactly right – no setting up shots on our show. It’s just the two of us and it’s important to us to keep it authentic and real! So it really makes us happy to hear that comes across! And yes! That is Nik’s voice on the commercial. In our ‘other’ life, we do marketing videos for dentists and orthodontists around the country. Nik worked in orthodontics for almost 20 years before we started traveling. Good catch! Thanks again for watching! We’re doing our best to get the next 13 episodes finished up. Hope to air them this spring or summer! Glad to have you along for the ride! Cheers!

  13. My husband and I are anxiously waiting for season 3 this spring, we鈥檝e missed you guys! Do you know if PBS or Create will be airing season 3 in the New York area? Also are your past seasons available on Netflix or Amazon or any other streaming services? Thanks so much and we just love your show!

    • Hi Karen! Thanks so much for reaching out! We are sure hoping your local PBS station will carry the show when it becomes available. The episodes will run first on local PBS stations, so one we launch if you don’t see the show coming up in their schedule you might give them a shout to see if they plan to air the show. Create TV will definitely air the show, but it will be after the local PBS stations run the entire season. You can watch the first season by searching for Two for the Road on We’re working on getting the second season up as well. Thank you very much for watching the show. We’re sure glad to have you along for the ride! And we’ll keep you updated on the upcoming season! 馃槈

  14. Hello! i saw this episode on my local PBS station about a year ago so and am wanting to show my fiance as we have picked greece as our honeymoon location. Any idea how i would be able to get ahold of this episode so we can watch together?

  15. Richard Drees

    Looking forward to season three. You two are great and a joy to follow.

    • Thank you very much, Richard! We sure appreciate you watching! Great to have you along for the ride! 馃檪

  16. Veronica

    Love your show; we catch it on PBS ATX. Can’t wait for season three. We enjoy it when you throw the Horns up.

    • Awwww. Thank you so much, Veronica! It’s always great to hear from fellow Texans! The new season should begin in September! We’re super excited to get the new episodes out there. Thank you so much for watching! #hookem

  17. Glenda Zike

    Love your show, just wish there were other ways to watch than on PBS. Cutting the cord and hope we can pick it up over the air. Keep up the good work!

    • Hey Glenda! Thanks so much for reaching out! We’re cord cutters ourselves and watch PBS and Create TV over antenna. Hopefully you will be able to do the same. Please let us know if that doesn’t work out for you! We sure appreciate you watching! 馃檪

  18. Tony Garrison

    Just discovered SC ETV is running the 3rd season Friday’s at 7pm with a repeat at 10am on Saturday on their SC World channel. But I missed part one of the first episode of season three and joined part two just as you had come out the mine. I guess I’ll to wait for the re-runs to those. But it’s great to see back. Love your show.

    • Tony Garrison

      Will you be airing on UNC-TV this season? I can get both here.

      • Hey Tony. So far we haven’t seen anything on UNC-TV’s schedule. We sure hope they will consider airing the new season! We’re super proud of it and really hope you enjoy it! If you get a chance, would you please give UNC-TV a shout through email, phone, or social media and tell them you’d like to see Two for the Road. We don’t have a crew or a staff to help us with station relations so every little bit helps a lot! And we sure would appreciate it! Thank you! 馃檪

    • That’s FANTASTIC! Thank you for letting us know! And sorry you missed the first part, but hopefully you’ll be able to catch a re-run. We sure appreciate you watching! And thank you so much for the kind words! 馃檪

  19. Tammye Isbell

    Well, we just recently switched to HULU from Direct TV and I don鈥檛 think we can find y鈥檃ll any longer.:(

    • Hey Tammye! You might can still find us on your local PBS station if you have an over-the-air antenna. And we’re also working on getting the shows online soon! So stay tuned. And thanks for watching! We sure appreciate it!

  20. Deborah Barr Stevens

    Have you done a show visiting Bermuda? I鈥檓 going there for the first time in April 2020 and would love some of your insights. Thanks!

  21. We are booked on the same Danube trip, but going the opposite direction. Anything you can share on the time spent on the boat? Thanks in advance, – Greg

    • Hey, Greg! Thanks for reaching out to us! We really enjoyed our time on the boat. So different from ocean cruising because there are always beautiful sights to see. We used our cameras just as much from the boat as we did on excursions. We met some lovely people and enjoyed time with them as well. The meals were wonderful and the complimentary wine at dinner was fantastic and plentiful. The rooms were much larger than we expected and beautifully appointed. The nighttime scenes from the boat in Budapest are unbelievable so be sure to have you cameras ready! Hope you guys have a wonderful time!

  22. Stacy Bradley

    Hey guys,

    We really love your shows, just wondering if you could get more detailed and add some prices to the stuff that you guys do. Would really like to visit Ireland and Iceland but I am kind of stumped on how much everything costs that I see on the show. Not to mention the Zip line down in Puerto Rico looks really cool but not sure how much they cost

    • Hey Stacy! Thanks so much for reaching out to us and for watching the show! We totally understand what you’re saying, but it’s so hard to add prices because they’re always changing. And we run into people being upset with us years down the road when the prices are so different. We had those issues when we had our YouTube channel. I can tell you we were in Puerto Rico about a year and a half ago and the Monster was around $65. It’s a quick ride, but the closest you’ll ever come to flying! It’s AWESOME! Iceland is absolutely, incredibly beautiful! But it’s super expensive. Everything! Food. Drinks. Transportation. Accommodations. A small draft beer will run you about $10. We bought a six pack for around $30. A small burger with fries will run you about $20. We found it to be very expensive but being there on a boat made it doable for us. Unfortunately the company we went with no longer offers trips to Iceland or I’d give you the itinerary. Ireland was a bucket-list destination for us and it exceeded all expectations. We didn’t find anything to be terribly expensive. Although the room we stayed in at the Ashford Castle was very expensive. Again, it was a bucket-list thing. The only real advice we have has to do with rental cars in Ireland. You can find rental cars VERY cheap in Ireland. Realize they are mostly standards and you’ll be driving on the other side of the road. Automatics are more expensive but may be worth it. Also insurance is SUPER expensive if you don’t get it ahead of time. You either have to purchase insurance or they’ll put a hold on your credit card. Our hold was for around $6000. Big surprise for us! But luckily we didn’t have any problems (even on those super narrow roads). There were some high fives going up when we returned that car though!! Hope that helps. If you ever have a question, we’re thrilled to help in any way. Feel free to give us a shout. Cheers and thanks again for watching the show!!

  23. Wendy Albano

    Hope to see your show on PBS soon! Miss watching, as it hasn’t been on in Virginia Beach lately? Love checking out all your adventures,sweet life!

    • Hey Wendy! Thanks so much for reaching out to us! And for the kind words! We’re finishing up on season four as I write this! SO excited to get these new shows out in October! Hopefully your local station will air them! We’ll keep our fingers crossed! Thanks for watching!! Cheers!

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