Welcome to the New Two for the Road Website!

new siteThis is it! Whew!

After months of hard work and planning and writing and editing and screwing up and more hard work… we’re so proud to officially launch the redesign of the Two for the Road website. Giddyup! And it was about time, too. The old site was getting mighty stale.

So kick around the site and let us know what you think, or what problems you find. We’re doing this all ourselves – and we definitely aren’t professional website builders – so we’ll guarantee that you’ll find some goofs or dead links or other stuff like that lurking in the dark corners of the site. So, apologies in advance, and thanks in advance for letting us know!

We’ll be adding to the site regularly with a constant stream of very groovy content beginning on the day our epic new adventure travel series debuts on March 31st. We’ll have one new full episode every Tuesday (and by episode we mean a 5-10 minute video from our adventures), as well as a companion video on Thursdays, and lots of photos, tips and inspiring stories from our fellow travelers. Good stuff! So we hope you’ll subscribe and stay up to date, and make Two for the Road a regular stop during your time surfing the web.

Thanks again guys! What do you think about the site? Let us know in the comments below.


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