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Allow us to make a proper introduction. Well, as “proper” as we can make it anyway. We are Nikki and Dusty Green, a married couple from a couple of small Texas towns who decided several years back to quit our jobs, sell all of our stuff, and travel the world in search of adventure. And what an adventure it’s turned out to be!

So we’re not gonna bore you with tons of details here, but we wanted to create this “start page” for you guys to give you a quick run down on all there is to find here on the website and our social media channels. Because there’s lots of stuff! Fun stuff, interesting stuff, educational stuff and some off-the-wall random stuff that we just feel like sharing. And we’re constantly adding new stuff – whether it be photos, videos and blogs from our big adventures around the world, or from our day-to-day adventures when we’re in between our big adventures. Yep. That’s lots of adventure.

Chances are, you’ve found us because you’ve stumbled across Two for the Road on your local PBS station (which is awesome!) but we certainly hope, as the adventure rolls on, that you’ll join us here on the site and on our social networks as well, and be an active part of our TFTR online community!

First off, to get an idea of exactly who we are and how we got into this crazy life of world travel, you’ll want to start with a visit to our “About Us” section. Then, if you didn’t know, we’ve got tons of great photos, videos and interesting blogs that accompany each one of our TV episodes, all of which you’ll find under the “Episodes and Extras” menu. (We’ll also be posting the full episodes themselves once each season has finished its run on TV!) Click on “Our Blog” to get our latest news and updates – and again, some random goodness from time to time. If you’re into photography, you might enjoy our “Cool Photos” page which includes galleries of our favorite shots, and the occasional “Photo of the Day.” And then of course feel free to visit our “Contact Us” page if you’d like to drop us a line directly with any thoughts, suggestions, comments or questions. We personally read and respond to every single message that comes in, and we’d love to hear from you!

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Again, we’re so excited that you’re here, and we really hope that you’ll follow along as the adventure continues! We’ve got some really incredible stuff to share with you, and we hope that our adventures will inspire you to get out there and explore the world on your own. Thanks again for stopping by, and please drop us a line sometime!

Cheers gang, and happy travels!

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  1. Jesse HERRERA

    Discovered your program today. We missed visiting Uhaisa, Argentina because of bad weather. Thanks for showing us what we missed. we are from Grapevine, so if you don’t mind, we love to know what towns you are from. Looking forward to your take on the world from a Texas perspective.

    • Hi Jesse! Thanks so much for the comment. And thanks for watching the show! We really enjoyed Ushuaia! Great little town! Dusty is originally from Borger, and I’m from Claude. We now have a little ‘crash pad’ around Clarendon. Always great to meet fellow Texans! 🙂

  2. Bill or Barbara Rash

    Hey Dusty just caught your show. Great ran with your dad in Borger years ago.

  3. kathleen Bryant

    I just discovered your show. I live in Austin and have lived a full life with the exception of travel. i am a disabled senior and fear that my days of adventure are over but I must tell you that after watching your trip to Antarctica my heart yearns for the time when I still had the good health to go. In any case, I will vicariously see the world through your eyes. As a fellow Texan I must thank you for taking me with you. Safe travels wherever you go!

    • Oh Kathleen! This brought a tear to my eye. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment. Our dream when putting this show together was to make people feel like we were taking them along with us. So your comment really means the world to us. Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us with your message. And it’s always wonderful to hear from fellow Texans! We wish you good health and happiness! Thanks so much for watching and coming along with us for the ride!

  4. I was interested to learn that Nikki is from Claude. My brother Randy Wright owned the Claude Pharmacy for many years. We enjoy your show.

    • Of course! I remember going to the Claude Pharmacy when I was a kiddo! Brings back lots of memories! That’s too cool! How is Randy these days? Thanks for commenting! And we hope you’re able to watch the show wherever you are!!

  5. watched the first episode on crossing drakes passage. Hoped the second would be in order, but not my luck. I wanted to show my family how it was to cross. We had smooth sailing over, but terrible waves on the way back. Enjoyed all the penguins and I surprise kids when I tell them penguins poop pink, and usually squirt in a sunburst type pattern. raveled with Lindblad and my mother in 2006. It was really beautiful and once there, very calm waters. Saw Orcas teaching a youngster how to hunt seal and knock it off the ice. WOW!!

    • Hey Diane! Yes, we ended up cutting much of the crossing because it was so luckily uneventful for us until the end. But isn’t Antarctica just incredible? We’d go again and again if we could! Cheers!

  6. I caught your show late at night last week when I woke up on the couch with TV on – I think that any mention of Antarctica wakes my sub or un-conscious! Wonderful travelogue and narrative – I was there with the same company in January 2017,and can now show my friends more of it, as your description and “film” far surpasses mine. thank you so much – will continue to watch your adventures, and share with some of my other 98 fellow travelers!

    • Hey Kathy! Thanks so much for reaching out and for the kind words! Antarctica truly gets into your soul doesn’t it? Such a magical place! We’re excited to have you and your friends along for the ride! Cheers!

  7. Teariany Powell

    Hey yall !!!! I watch yalls show all the time…I cry and laugh like I’m with u. It means the world to me to visit with u the beautiful places u go. You guys are my escape from the day, so thank u for everything…be safe and travel on…..

    • Hey Teariany! Thank you so much for watching, and for the super kind words. Glad to be your escape! That’s awesome! And we’re so glad to have you along for the ride. 🙂 Cheers!

  8. Jeannette Balthaser

    Hey you two!! How special is this show! I absolutely LOVE it! One of the several reasons i love it, is because you two are so REAL. I love the fact that you’re not afraid to allow your emotions to show!! You’re not always prim and proper, but are totally real and on target! I’ve done some short term mission trips internationally and enjoy them. The best part of traveling is getting among the people and interacting with them. Thank you so much! I always get excited when I know it’s coming on. Okay, one more thing – be safe always!!

    • Awwww. Well thank you very much, Jeannette! We sure appreciate you taking the time to reach out and let us know you enjoy the show. That sure means a lot to us. We try really hard to make each episode truly authentic, just like we experienced it. The good. The bad. And the ugly… 😉 Travel is our passion and we hope to continue to take folks along with us and show them how beautiful our world and the people in it truly are! We’re so glad to have you along for the ride!

  9. Jan Olmstead

    Caught your pbs episode on Greece now we have to go!Would love to hear the cruise ship info you used so we can book same since we are into smaller ship cruises, look forward to hearing from you Jan in Arizona

    • Hey Jan! We went on a ship called the Galileo and a company called Variety Cruises. Loved it! Only caution we would impart would be to not go in the heat of the summer. The crowds, the heat and the winds were kind of a bummer. We still had an amazing time but would do it a different time of year if we were going again. Thanks for watching and writing! We really appreciate it! Stay in touch!

  10. Phyllis Carter

    Just watched your Greece episode. Very nice. But Nikki, when you do the voice overs, your voice is very shrill — much higher than your conversational voice. Maybe you could drop it an octive. And, both of you, please drop the “y’all”and “gonna” schitck. I think you’re much better educated than you sound. I think you have a good idea. Keep traveling.

    • Hi Phyllis! Thank you for watching the show and for the kind words! I’m working really hard on that voice-over thing. It’s been a true challenge for me and I’m hoping season three will be the season I finally hit the nail on the head. So please stick with us. As far as the ‘y’all’ and ‘gonna’ goes, we’re small town Texas folks and honestly that’s just how we talk. And you’re correct in saying we’re well educated, but ‘y’all’ is just in our blood I guess. Sorry about that! Hope it won’t scare you away, because it’s important to us that we stay real to who we are and make the show as authentic as possible. Thanks again for watching and we hope you’ll continue to come along for the ride! Cheers!

  11. Tina Solomon

    Hi! Just a suggestion: on the show, can you tell us the month of the year you’re in the location? It’d be helpful to get a feel for the weather during the time of year you’re taping! Thank you. We enjoy watching!

    • Great suggestion! Thank you! And if you have a specific question, please let us know. We’d be more than happy to help out in any way. Thank you so much for watching the show! Glad to have you along for the ride! 🙂

  12. Fred Poindexter

    Hi Niki & Dusty,
    Your show is my #1 favorite travel show on PBS. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences as you travel the globe to the may places I would love to visit myself!
    I especially liked your Bolivian adventure. Ive been wanting to get a passport so I can travel to places you’ve been, but because of Covid it’s not easy to acquire one these days. Any tips
    on securing a passport would be very appreciated. Thanks again from Denver CO

    • Hey Fred! Thanks so much for watching, and for writing! And thanks for the kind words! And sadly we haven’t traveled outside the country since COVID came around (we filmed all the shows just before it hit) and don’t have any good tips we can share about passports, other than to keep abreast of the latest state department guidelines and advisories. And if we hear of anything we’ll let you know. Hopefully we’ll all be able to get back out there soon!
      Cheers and thanks again!

  13. Hey Nikki and Dusty, watched y’all’s show about the Panama Canal. Very interesting! Love “y’all’s” way of talking! From a fellow Texan!

    • Hi, Phil! Thanks for taking the time to reach out to us! We always love to hear from fellow Texans! Thanks for the kind words. So happy you enjoyed it. Hope you get the chance to catch some more episodes. Thanks for watching! Cheers!

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