Welp. No Lone Star Emmy for Us This Year! But That’s Great News…

So this is definitely a bad news/good news kind of deal. But it’s actually really good news. Check it out y’all.

You guys may or may not know that last year we were nominated for three Lone Star Emmy awards for our work on season one of Two for the Road. Yep! How cool is that? We received nominations for outstanding program, outstanding photography and outstanding direction. Not too shabby for our very first time out, huh? And when the actual awards ceremony rolled around last fall in San Antonio, we were there, all decked out in our finest black-tie duds, hoping to take home one of those gorgeous little trophies. Which would’ve been an honest-to-goodness dream come true.

Well, we didn’t win. Which was obviously a giant bummer. Turns out we were up against some insanely stiff competition of course – lots of incredibly talented producers and videographers and talent representing the best production houses and TV stations across the great state of Texas. And being our very first time to enter (and to be nominated) we knew going into the competition that we were massive underdogs!  So even though we didn’t take home a statue, it truly was an honor and a great big thrill to land those nominations and have our little show and our names listed among all those excellent programs and talented people. Very cool.

Celebrating a big (but disappointing) night at the Lone Star Emmy awards.

But instead of crying in our beer about not winning, we decided to use that whole experience as fuel. As motivation, to work harder and to do better. And we resolved that very night in San Antonio that we were gonna come back the next year with some super kick-ass stuff and show everybody, by golly! To use some good ol’ Texas speakin’: we were gonna get us one of them statues.

So! When the entry period for this year’s Lone Star Emmy awards opened up a couple of weeks ago, we started formulating our game plan. We started figuring out exactly what categories would be the best fit for us, and what shows and segments of shows we were going to submit that might give us the best chances of winning something. We were especially excited to enter the episode we shot down in the Big Bend, which we’re so proud of and we thought came together just beautifully. We actually had the Lone Star Emmy competition in mind as we were shooting that episode late last year. So, yeah. We had big hopes.

But alas those big hopes were dashed this week, when we found out that unfortunately we are no longer eligible for the Lone Star Emmy awards.

Nope, no more hope of winning a Lone Star Emmy for Two for the Road. Maybe ever.

But, yes… as it happens, that’s actually a really cool thing. And it means really good things for our little show. Check it out:

So there are 19 regional Emmy chapters around the United States, and they’re all affiliated with the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences (or NATAS), which is the national Emmy organization that’s responsible for the Prime Time Emmy awards that you see every year on TV and the Daytime Emmy awards and all that good stuff. The regional chapters are of course designed to give smaller and more independent production companies and TV stations the opportunity to compete for the coveted Emmy statue against their colleagues and their peers in each respective region. To give little guys like us a chance to win an Emmy. Which is super cool. (And we came so close last year!)

But – and here’s the really cool part – believe it or not, our show is now too big to compete at the regional level.

Yep. When we wrote the folks at the Lone Star Emmy offices here in Texas this week to ask them a few questions about our entries into this year’s competition, they broke the news to us that we’ve graduated. Turns out, once a broadcast program is available to more than 50% of television homes in the United States, it is no longer eligible to compete at the regional level. Well believe it or not, our humble little two-person travel show – that we produce on an old kitchen table in a tiny little country house in the Texas Panhandle – is now available in more than 90% of U.S. television households! Which means our little show is definitely moving up! And that yes, we will soon be competing on the biggest stage in television: the national Emmy Awards! Giddyup!

Specifically we’ll be competing in the National Daytime Emmy awards, since that’s where most all lifestyle shows fall (like travel shows, cooking shows, talk shows, etc). And yes, we know we’ll be massive underdogs once again – especially now since we’ll literally be competing against the biggest and best lifestyle and travel shows on television. But heck  to the yes we’re gonna enter. And we’re gonna try our absolute best to win! Which would really, really, really be a dream come true. Holy moly we can’t even imagine

Thing is, we’ll have to wait a while. The entry period for the national Emmy awards typically doesn’t open until late in the year, around October/November. Nominations aren’t announced until March, and the actual awards ceremony isn’t usually until April. So we’ve got some time. And since we’ve got some time, we’re going to ask for help. Your help.

We’d really love it if y’all got with us on this so we can all go through this process together! And then – if by some miracle – we do actually get a nomination (and – eeek – an actual award) we want you guys to feel like y’all are right there with us, every step of the way. Because you’ve been right there with us from the very beginning! Without y’all there would be no Two for the Road. And as far as we’re concerned any nomination or award we receive would be as much your Emmy as it would be ours.

So! If you have a favorite episode, or something from season two that really resonated with you, we’d sure love to hear about it! We want to submit our very best material for the competition obviously, and because we’re so emotionally attached to all of our episodes it’s tough for us to pick our favorites. So we need your honest feedback to help us narrow down our entries! And now’s a good time to watch ’em again. The second season is just starting up again on Create TV and is still available on many local PBS stations nationwide (check your local listings), so be on the lookout for it! Give it another watch with a critical eye, and let us know what you think. Leave your comments down below, or on our Facebook page, or contact us directly anytime. We’d love to hear from you and again, we’d sincerely appreciate it!

So cheers guys. It’s just a crazy feeling to know our little show is growing like it is. And we’re so thankful to you guys for watching, for supporting us and our little dream, and for helping spread the word about the show. It’s all just too stinkin’ cool. And chances are that we won’t actually get a national Emmy nomination, certainly in our first time ever competing at this level. But hey! We never thought we’d get three Lone Star Emmy nominations on our first try! So we’re gonna give it our best shot. And with your help, maybe – just maybe – we can bring one of those beautiful statues home. Together. Wouldn’t that be sweet?

Thanks again y’all! We’ll certainly keep y’all updated as the time gets closer! Have a good one!

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  1. John Davila

    You two are awesome as well as the show!!

  2. Norman Enquito

    Well . . . I have all your Season Two episodes dvr’d. I need to rewatch all the episodes again and give you guys a feedback. But I think your Cambodia episode is very good. Very touching and sincere. Hope this helps.

    • Hey Norman. Thank you so much! And glad you mentioned the Cambodia episode. That one’s really close to our hearts and we’re very proud of it. But yes! Definitely give them another look and let us know your thoughts. We appreciate it! Cheers!

  3. Paula Lowrie

    Just so proud of you two. You are amazing!

  4. That’s AWESOME! Have not gotten to see all the episodes so I will make a point to do so! Hope to see you both soon!

    • Hey Karen! Thanks! And let us know what y’all think! Sorry we missed the broadband forum tonight. Would’ve loved to have been there. We might as well be using the telegraph out here in the boonies. 🙂 Cheers! Hope to see y’all soon too!

  5. Tena Pitts

    I loved the one you filmed close to the border and the Davis Mountains. Will start watching more!

  6. JoAnn Agriesto

    Cambodia and Peru were my absolute favorite episodes, though I love them all. Cambodia touched my heart. I literally cried while watching it. I also loved Peru. Thank you for the laugh out loud moments during that episode. And for me to laugh out loud before having my coffee is a miracle! I love you guys!

    • Thank you so much for you feedback JoAnn! Those two are favorites of ours too! We sure appreciate you watching and supporting the show! Cheers!

  7. Carla Holeva

    Crazy about you two! Amazed by the show! Blessed to call you friends! #Two4TheRoadNeedsAEmmy

    • Awww thanks Carla! We love and miss you! Hope all is well with you guys. And hope to see y’all again soon! Cheers!

  8. Oh no! We have to choose!!? Ok…might take a bit of hard thinking and a root beer, but we can do it! Antarctica…Artic Circle…Costa Rica….oye, this will be hard.

  9. We love your show! We love to travel and seeing what you all do in those places we want to go is awesome!

  10. Patsy Reed

    I love your show. Wish it were on for at least an hour. I just get so involved and it’s over. Lets work on getting those ratings up so i can enjoy your adventures longer. I adore you guys. Wish o would have had the great opportunity to explore like you all do. I only imagine it has to be difficult on a marriage. But you two make love seem so comfortable. My prayers are with you both. For your safety and for peace within.of course for only good bealth. You really hit some iffy places. I love your story and your adventures. Be happy and stay in love.what would i do without you. I am living my so called golden years through you two. May the Lord of all be with you both, always. Your biggest fan. Patsy reed

    • Oh my gosh, Patsy! Dusty just read your comment to me from across our shared desk. He got a little teary eyed reading it, and I definitely got teary eyed hearing it. Thank you so much for such a heartfelt, kind message! It truly means so much to us. Dusty and I are certainly soulmates. He is my best friend and I am his. We are better together than apart and I feel blessed every day to have found him. Travel has made our marriage even stronger, and we are so grateful for that. Thank you for taking the time to reach out and let us know how much you enjoy the show. You truly made our day! And it’s Dusty’s birthday, so even better! 😉 Sure glad to have you along for the ride!

  11. Kathleen M Mathews

    Nik and Dusty,
    I Love your show. I am so THANKFUL FOR BOTH OF YOU.
    You made my life so much better on Thursday night’s watching your show.
    It always gave me encouragement to keep stepping out side the box.
    Blessing on your 2nd season.
    Kathleen in Amarillo.

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