We’re Officially in the Airbnb Business! Y’all Come Stay With Us!

Hey there guys! Hope y’all are well!

Wanted to share some big and super cool news with y’all: we are now officially Airbnb hosts! Sure enough! And we have two adorable places here in our little hometown of Howardwick, Texas that we’d absolutely love to share with you. So definitely keep us in mind next time you’re passing through the Texas Panhandle, or if you’d like to come explore our neck of the woods for a quick getaway!

Our first place is called Mitzi’s New Moon, and it is a beautifully kept and restored 1958 New Moon trailer home that we have updated to include modern amenities and lots of creature comforts. It’s only big enough for two, which makes it the perfect getaway for solo travelers and couples! Read more about it, see more photos, and book directly through its Airbnb page by clicking here.

Our second place is an awesome little barndominium-style home we call the Hideout at Old Saints Roost, which is located on the edge of our little town and overlooks Greenbelt Lake and the Salt Fork of the Red River, and is an absolutely awesome little escape to pristine Texas nature. Again you can read more about it, see more pics and book directly through its Airbnb page by clicking here.

We are big fans of the Airbnb model and we’ve actually stayed at several awesome little Airbnb places in our travels across the country and around the world. And we’ve worked hard to not only make our own places safe, comfortable and enjoyable – we’ve also worked to include a lot of our favorite things and ideas from the many different Airbnb places we’ve stayed. Like free wi-fi, a book exchange, plenty of places to plug in your things, and all those kinds of things for sure – but we also provide fresh eggs, milk, sausage, orange juice and muffins for breakfast, we have special things about each property that we don’t advertise (you have to be a guest to know what they are and enjoy them), and Dusty’s mom even makes fresh chocolate chip cookies for each new guest!

We want y’all to come stay with us, and to get a taste of life here in our little corner of Texas! We’d sure love to have you!

As always, holler if you have any questions or concerns or would like to know more. Cheers guys! Safe travels! Y’all come see us!

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  1. Gwen Soper Hatch

    Do y’all allow dogs?

    • Hey Gwen! Unfortunately we don’t. But we hope to have another couple of places up soon that will be pet friendly. So please check back!

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