Where We Stayed: Huaorani Ecolodge in the Ecuadorian Amazon


In all our travels we’ve been so very lucky to have stayed in some remarkable places around the world. But few will ever leave such an impression in our minds and on our hearts as the Huaorani Ecolodge in the Amazon rainforest of eastern Ecuador. For lots of reasons.

Not only is the place very, very cool – as you can see in the video above, or the photos below – but just as cool as what it is, is what it represents. The lodge is owned and operated by the Huaorani people themselves. And when you visit the lodge, you are guided through the forest by actual Huaorani guides, and your meals cooked and your cabin is looked after by actual Huoarani families, who take turns traveling in from local communities to take care of the lodge and its guests. So it’s a very authentic experience in almost every way.

So enjoy the video tour and the photos below, and be sure to take a look at our many episodes filmed in and around the Huaorani Ecolodge. And here’s hoping you too will be able to experience this incredible place some day.

Cheers gang!

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  1. Joe Halcomb

    Looks very private and isolated but cool.

    • The village is definitely isolated and not easy to get to. But once there, you feel like part of the community immediately. They really take you in and teach you as much as you’re willing to learn. And we learned a lot! Fascinating people. Thanks for coming along for the ride Joe. 🙂

  2. Georgene palmer

    Stayed with emway (?) and the huaorani several years ago. I fell in love with them. Jose was our guide and he was wonderful. I was 79 at the time, and I am thinking of visiting again. Ginger

    • It’s easy to fall in love with the entire experience, isn’t it? Thank you Georgene! And here’s hoping we’ll all get to return someday. 🙂

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