Where We Stayed: the Serengeti Serena Lodge, Tanzania

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Located in the heart of Tanzania’s epic Serengeti National Park, the Serengeti Serena Lodge was a welcome oasis of rest and comfort after spending a full day driving around the plain on our incredible safari through the park. And even though we loved, loved, loved our time camping in tented camps (like Halisi Camp) out in the African bush, it was definitely nice to have a touch of “civilization” during our adventure. Hot showers. Cozy beds. Cold beer. And all the food we could stuff into our mouths. 🙂

One wild, wild thing about our stay in the Serena Lodge: at night when you’re walking from your room to the main lodge building, you are required to have a member of the staff (armed with a rifle) escort you from place to place. Being in the middle of the Serengeti, the lodge is literally surrounded by lions when the sun goes down, to the extent you can hear the lions roar and it sounds and feels as though they’re watching you as you walk. Crazy! And if you’ve never heard a lion roar in the quiet of the night, it’s like bone-shaking thunder. An incredible thing to experience for sure!

So check out this very short video from our short stay at Serena. And happy travels!

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