Photo Gallery: Scenes from a Beautiful Day in Caprock Canyons State Park

It’s a question we get a lot.

“So where do you guys live when you’re not traveling?” they ask. “Do you even have a place to call home?”

It’s a great question. We love it when people ask. And when we tell them that we still proudly live here in the Texas Panhandle, where we both grew up and still have lots of family, we love the reaction we get. Almost universally the folks asking will get a sort of puzzled, sometimes bewildered look on their face. As if something just doesn’t compute.

Really? Out of all the places in the world, right? The Texas Panhandle?

“Oh yeah,” the person will say with a thoughtful furrow of the brow. “Been through there a few times. I remember driving through there on my way from [point A] to [point B] a few years ago. Just remember it being really flat. And really windy. Not much out there. People seemed nice though.”

Yep. We hear that a lot. A lot. And we get it, we do. Yes, it’s absolutely true that the Panhandle is one of the flattest and windiest places in the United States (it’s the windiest place in the US, actually). And sure, it’s kinda sorta true that there’s not a whole lot out here on these wide open high plains. And if you’re one of the millions of people who just blaze through the Panhandle every year on your way from [point A] to [point B] without stopping, you’re just not gonna see a heckuva whole lot. And you’re probably not gonna think too much about spending any quality time here.

But if you dare to challenge your own preconceived notions about our little corner of Texas, and you have a few minutes during your travels to get off I-40 or US 287 and poke around a little bit, there are some flat-out spectacular places here in the Panhandle that will absolutely blow your mind. More than you can imagine. Places that relatively few people outside the Panhandle know about, and even fewer people bother to actually visit. Places that make us so proud and happy to live in this part of the world.

And this, friends, is absolutely one of them:

So we’re actually really conflicted about posting stuff like this, because there’s a big, big part of us that would rather just keep it all a secret. After all it’s really, really nice to be able to go to these places on a beautiful Panhandle day and hardly see another living soul. To feel like you’ve got the whole world all to yourself. It’s without question one of the many benefits of living in such a beautiful part of the world that is so widely and wildly misunderstood.

But in this case especially, well… we just can’t keep this to ourselves. This, y’all, is one of the best-kept secrets not only in the Texas Panhandle – but in the entire Lone Star State. Absolutely. And if you just keep driving on through the Panhandle on your way from wherever to wherever, you’ll never get to see and experience it. And that’d be a great big shame.

This is NOT Palo Duro Canyon State Park, which is without a doubt the crown jewel of the Texas Panhandle. Chances are you’ve heard a least a little about Palo Duro Canyon, which is the second largest canyon in the United States (after, yes, the Grand Canyon) and it is absolutely breathtaking. It’s a short 20-minute or so drive southeast of Amarillo and it is certainly a spectacular sight to see! But for that reason it is also very heavily marketed, and heavily visited. Palo Duro Canyon is in fact among the top five most popular state parks in all of Texas, with more than 380,000 people visiting the park in 2016 alone.

So imagine if you take the spectacular beauty of Palo Duro Canyon, pack it all into a park that’s about half its size, and take away roughly two-thirds of the people who visit every year, then toss in the official Texas State Bison Herd (in addition to so many other really cool things), and this is what you’ve got: welcome to beautiful Caprock Canyons State Park!

As the crow flies it’s roughly 50 miles southeast of PDC (give or take), and definitely one of our favorite places on earth. And lucky for us, it’s less than an hour from the house. We made our latest trip out there over the weekend, and even on a chilly, semi-colorless February afternoon Caprock Canyons is just amazing, amazing. So we took a few snaps and thought we’d share ’em with you guys here. Check ’em out! Read a little bit about each photo in the captions, and look for links and more information on down below. And let us know if you have any questions!

Enjoy the pics! And we hope you’ll do yourself a favor and get off the highway and make the drive down there sometime. Better yet, holler at us when you do! And maybe we’ll come along with you and show you around a bit. Give us a reason to visit. We’ll take it. 🙂

Cheers guys. Safe travels!

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