And It’s a Wrap! Season Three Begins Shooting in Central America

[Posted September 2, 2017]

Howdy there gang! Hope all is well back home!

So check this out. Season one is currently airing across the country on Create TV. Season two will premiere on PBS stations nationwide this coming January. And production on Two for the Road season three is now officially underway! Yep. How crazy is that?

As we post this we’re back in our hotel in Panama City, Panama this evening, resting after an incredible week shooting on board the UnCruise Adventures Safari Voyager in Costa Rica and Panama! It was our first official shoot for season three of Two for the Road, and honestly it just couldn’t have gone much better. We had amazing weather, saw tons of incredible wildlife, and shared the adventure with so many fantastic people! We even got to cruise through the Panama Canal last night, which was just super, super, super cool. We’re busted tired at the moment, but we couldn’t wait to share a few of the very groovy photos and video stills we captured over the last week. And we can’t wait to show you more!

Our thanks to the good folks at UnCruise and our friends at Adventure Life for the opportunity! Too stinkin’ cool.
If all goes well we’ll be back to the good ol’ USA tomorrow. Wish us luck.  And we’ll see y’all on the flip side! Cheers y’all!

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  1. Carole o'connell

    Just started getting your show on our pbs station. Just watched Africa. Loved it!

  2. It was a fun week! Glad we got to share it with you. Look forward to following more of your adventures!

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