Photo Gallery: Our Adventure Along the Alluring Danube River

It’s true.

Going into this adventure we honestly didn’t know what to expect. And we honestly really didn’t know if we’d enjoy it or not. The picture we’ve always had in our minds of European River cruises is one of big groups of slow-moving, camera-toting, headset wearing tourists, trudging along behind a guide with a microphone strapped to his/her head as they explore cathedrals, and churches, and museums, and cathedrals, and churches, and museums. Which, come to find out, that’s a fairly accurate picture. It’s not the entire picture, to be fair. And we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with that, at all. We were just a little nervous because, well, that’s very much just not our thing.

So imagine our great delight when we boarded our boat in Budapest and quickly discovered that yes, they do offer those big group tours in all these places we visit along the way, but you most certainly do not have to go along with them if, like us, it’s just not your thing. And when we realized that once we got off the boat in these places, we were absolutely free to do and see and experience what we wanted (so long as we were back at the boat in time), we started looking for fun and unusual and adventurous ways to explore these fascinating places totally and completely on our own. And it certainly wasn’t hard. And yep! It turned out to be an amazing trip.

So here are a few of the tons of photos we grabbed along the way! Luckily we had some terrific weather, and there was still some beautiful color left on the trees. So it all made for some spectacular scenes and shots! Our thanks to AmaWaterways and our great friends at Adventure Life for the opportunity.

Every been on a European River cruise? What was it like? We’d love to hear from you! Feel free to leave your thoughts and comments down below.

Cheers y’all!  Happy travels!

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